Help Wanted!

Hey friends!!!

I would LOVE to hear from you!  Send me your thoughts, your ideas, your collaboration ideas – anything you’ve got!  This page is for all of us, so I really want to know what you’re thinking!

Currently looking for:

Want to be featured here on the blog?  Tell me!!!  And link your site!

Love INSTAGRAM?  Want to take over the Instagram account for a week and feature your images?  TELL ME!!!  And send a link to your profile.

Want me to learn about a specific subject?  TELL ME!!!  If I can’t help I will try to find someone who can and blog about it!  

Want to GUEST BLOG???  Hell yes!!!  Let’s do it! We are stronger TOGETHER!  

Want to submit some images for the Preset Shop?  That would be AMAZING!!!!  You will get an amazing coupon code if your images are used!  Please send a link to some RAW images in Dropbox, or something similar…

If you have other ideas, I am all open!!!


Want to be a collaborator here at Heart + Lifestyle?  Please sign up here and let me know who you are, where I can find you and what you’d like to share with the community!

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