INDOOR BUNDLE | Sweet Something + Home Stories LR + ACR


If you do a lot of indoor shooting, this bundle includes both the B&W and Color Indoor sets:

SWEET SOMETHINGS | The Indoor Set  // 20 presets, including both a clean and a matte version of each

HOME STORIES | The B&W Indoor Set // 17 presets including 15 regular presets, 2 presets to make freckles pop

The Tools so that you can quickly add grain, sharpness, reduce noise, and get the exact look you want.

Available for ACR and Lightroom.  Works with Lightroom CC, LR 5 and 6.  Some effects may not work in LR 4.

Due to the nature of digital downloads, all sales are final.



This Set Includes:

15 B&W Indoor Presets (HOME STORIES)
20 Indoor Color Presets (SWEET SOMETHINGS)
35 Tools
= endless looks!

Make sure you adjust your exposure and your highlights if necessary.  You can adjust them before or after applying the preset.


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ACR Presets, Lightroom + ACR Presets, Lightroom Presets


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