Learn Lightroom

For Lifestyle Family Photographers

Learn how to use Lightroom Classic, understand all the features, stop feeling overwhelmed and finally start editing pictures the way you want!

Does this sound familiar?

✔ You’re overwhelmed when you go into Lightroom

✔ Your images don’t turn out the way you envisioned when you retouch them

✔ You’re confused by all the options and sliders

✔ You don’t really know what to do or how to do it in Lightroom

Hi!  I’m Carolina and I have been exactly where you are now.  

I remember it well – the overwhelm I felt the first time I opened Lightroom, thinking I could never understand this, it’s way too complicated.

I’m so glad I proved myself wrong, and I want to help you learn to use Lightroom to it’s fullest and help you elevate your photography.

What if you could:

Step by step video walkthrough of this image included!

Feel confident that you know what you’re doing when you open Lightroom

Stop feeling overwhelmed by all the different options available

Understand what all those sliders are for and how to use them

Retouch your images the way you imagined and get the most power out of this amazing software

Be able to edit your images consistently every time

Know how to tweak presets to match your style

Ready to step up your game??

Let’s get to all the details!

What you’ll learn

Keep Organized

How to import and cull your images and keep your catalog organized.

All Those Sliders

Walkthrough of all the sliders and what they do to your images.  Nothing will scare you after this.

Watch Me Edit

We pull everything together in the editing videos.   Watch me hand edit 4 color and 3 B&W images.

Use Presets Better

Take control of your presets. You’ll know exactly what to do to tweak and get the exact look you’re after.

How it Works


Instant Access

As soon as you register you’ll get an email with a link to the class.  You can start right away!

Go At Your Pace

You’ll have lifetime access to the course where you can watch all the videos at your own pace.

Start at the beginning

We make sure you have a good understanding of each module and panel before editing.

Feel Confident

You’ll understand how everything works and you’ll always know what to do.


Grab the course now!




Get access to me to ask questions and get specific help!!


I will select some images from the group to edit for you!

The Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Introduction to Lightroom Classic
    • Panel Overview
    • Shortcuts
    • Setting Your Preferences
    • BONUS: Join the Facebook Group
  • Importing, Organizing & Culling
    • Importing & Organizing
    • Culling
  • The Develop Module 
    • Develop Panels & Tools
  • Watch Me Edit
    • Editing in Color
    • Editing in Black & White
    • Using Presets
    • Batch Editing
  • Exporting Your Images
    • Export Settings & Presets

Learn Lightroom was created using Lightroom 9.2.1 – some options and settings may look different if you’re using a different version of LR.

Have Questions?

Email me at hello@heartandlifestyle.com, I’m happy to help!

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