Hey!!!  So excited today to finally share my new presets with you.  This is my personal collection of presets that I created to speed up my own workflow, and I hope you will love them as much as I do!

You can achieve a wide variety of looks with this set, ranging to bright and airy to deep and moody.

Included are 20 clean presets, and a matte version of each preset as well if you prefer a film look.  So 40 in total!  From there, add grain, sharpness, reduce noise, and get the exact look you want.  There are so many ways you can go and it’s so quick with the included tools!

These presets won’t mess up your white balance or your exposure.  So, just adjust those sliders and you’re ready!

This set was created for indoor images but still works beautifully on outdoor photographs as well.  You can see the outdoors set, Serendipity, here which really pays attention to the hue, saturation and overall feel of those green tones!  Also check out the color set bundle here!

Available for either ACR or Lightroom.  Works with Lightroom CC, LR 5 and 6.  Some effects may not work in LR 4.

Due to the nature of digital downloads, all sales are final.



Included in this set:

20 Color Presets
17 totally different presets in CLEAN + MATTE LOOK
3 Freckles Presets to make images pop, CLEAN + MATTE look
(total of 40 different options in this pack)


35 Adjustment Tools to add the finishing touches when you need it

= endless looks!

Make sure you adjust your exposure if necessary.  You can adjust before or after applying the preset.

The Tools Include:


Clarity – A Little // Lets you add a little clarity to give your image that extra pop
Clarity – A Lot
Clarity – A Lot More
Clarity – No More // Changed your mind? No problem, hit this and only your clarity gets reset

Contrast – A Little // Add some contrast to those images that are missing a little something
Contrast – A Little More
Contrast – A Lot
Contrast – No More // Reset your contrast back to 0 without undoing anything else

Exposure – Reset

Grain – A Little // give your image a little bit of a film look by adding grain
Grain – A Lot
Grain – No More
Grain – Perfect // My favorite amount of grain!

Highlights – Reduce // Take those highlights all the way down, this can completely change the look of an image
Highlights – Reset // Incase you need to go back to square one

Make it Bright // For those who prefer a more airy look
Make it Moody // Deepen those shadows and get a moodier look
Make it Moodier

Matte – A Little // Add a little bit of the Matte Look to your image
Matte – A Little Less // Incase it was too matte
Matte – A Little More
Matte – No More

Radial – Bright Center // **LR ONLY** A quick way to make the center of the image brighter, you can move the bright spot around by clicking on your radial tool brush and moving the spot where you want it

Reduce Noise – A Little // For when you want less noise
Reduce Noise – A Little More
Reduce Noise – A Lot // If you sell stock photography like I do, you will use this a lot

Shadows – Deep // A little nudge towards a moody image
Shadows – Deeper
Shadows – Reset
Sharpen – A Little
Sharpen – A Little More
Sharpen – A Lot
Sharpen – Reset

Vignette // Adds a little vignette to your corners
Vignette – Reset


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